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Luosto is located approx. 30 km from the center of Sodankylä. It is part of the Sodankylä Municipality.

In Luosto there is multiple variation of vacation and freetime activities. At winter time you can spend time with our safaries. Our popular programmes ice climbing, snowmobiling, husky-and reindeer racing, icekarting,snowshoehing and finding the northern lights.

Our snowmobile safaries have multiple choices:

- Snowmobile school

- Scenerysafari

- Amethystsafari

- Reindeerfarmsafari

- Huskyfarmsafari

In Luosto there is also a chance to:

- Icehole swim

- Skating on real pond

Addition to you can slalom in the Luostotunturi slalomcenter. There you will find 7 slope and three skilifts. For the childer there is a sledhill slope.

If you ski or want to try skiing there is ski tracks in Pyhä-Luosto area for 150 km worth. So you wont run out of scenery.

Summer and fall brings the warmth and fall colors. These days Luosto offers you a variety of activities.

- Hiking in the top of the Ukko-Luosto mountain. Also other hiking paths.

- Hiking or cycling to Amethystmine

- Riding a crosscountry bike or fatbike

- Getting aqquinted to Husky. or/and reindeerfarm

- Paddling trips to Pyhäjärvi

- Fishing and birdwatching

Multiple Luosto activities are availeable all year around, according to the seasons.

Come and try for yourself the Finlands Laplands nature!


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