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      Adventures in Luosto provides accommodation, safaris and catering across three resorts of Finnish Lapland throughout the year.

      Adventures in Luosto provides its customers with an authentic Lappish experience:

            - accommodation, cuisine, activities

            - year-round throughout our locations in Luosto, Sodankylä and Suomu.

     In Luosto we specialaize in taylor made extended snowmobile safaris and searches for the real Santa Claus. The resort of Suomu provides a tranquil and ideal place to search for the Northern Lights, whilst Sodankylä is interesting to explore and learn the history of the region and its struggles for independence over the past century.

       Our professional and friendly staff welcomes you to enjoy the arctic experiences Lapland has to offer!

     For those, who want to explore Lapland even further, Adventures In Luosto Safarihouse offer a selection of winter and summer safaris available on request. 

To book your Arctic Adventure, accommodation, and activities,

please contact us

Adventures In Luosto

Lapintie 7, 99600 Sodankylä

Lapland, Finland

Tel. +358 (0)40 122 82 00

[email protected]



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