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Lappish cuisine is one of the unique and treasured features of northern Finland. Our food is often prepared the way that in has been for ages, and the ingredients remain true to our culture and heritage.

Because of the occasional harsh environment, out ancestors relied on creativity and inginuity when creating meals, and this is still reflected on our dinner tables and menus today. The Hotel Bear Inn is no exception, and our menu boasts some of the best Lappish cuisine that can be found.

Traditional Lappish food is often a mix of smoked and dried foods, served with fresh meets and ingredients. A classic Lappish dish may be a perfectrly prepared steak with a creamy, smoked reindeer sauce. While in our ancestors time, vegatables were hard to come by, they have become a staple in our diets.

Lappish foods also include berries and nuts, which tend to grow quickly and are hardy enough to last through the harsh winters.

We are proud of our rich nature and the delicacies it offers to us; variations of several delicious fish, mushrooms, berries and game and this has been taken in consideration when planning and our menus using the local products and not forgetting the international dishes.



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